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Lightwave Technology: Telecommunication Systems

ISBN: 0471215724

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Lightwave Technology Telecommunication Systems

Date: 2005
Pages: 480
ISBN-10: 0471215724
ISBN-13: 9780471215721
Author: Govind P. Agrawal

Size: 30 MB
Format: pdf
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The state of the art of modern lightwave system designRecent advances in lightwave technology have led to an explosion ofhigh-speed global information systems throughout the world.Responding to the growth of this exciting new technology, LightwaveTechnology provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of theunderlying theory, development, operation, and management of thesesystems from the perspective of both physics and engineering.The first independent volume of this two-volume set, Components andDevices, deals with the multitude of silica- andsemiconductor-based optical devices. This second volume,Telecommunication Systems, helps readers understand the design ofmodern lightwave systems, with an emphasis on wavelength-divisionmultiplexing (WDM) systems.* Two introductory chapters cover topics such as modulation formatsand multiplexing techniques used to create optical bitstreams* Chapters 3 to 5 consider degradation of optical signals throughloss, dispersion, and nonlinear impairment during transmission andits corresponding impact on system performance* Chapters 6 to 8 provide readers with strategies for managingdegradation induced by amplifier noise, fiber dispersion, andvarious nonlinear effects* Chapters 9 and 10 discuss the engineering issues involved in thedesign of WDM systems and optical networksEach chapter includes problems that enable readers to engage andtest their new knowledge to solve problems. A CD containingilluminating examples based on RSoft Design Group's award-winningOptSim optical communication system simulation software is includedwith the book to assist readers in understanding design issues.Finally, extensive, up-to-date references at the end of eachchapter enable students and researchers to gather more informationabout the most recent technology breakthroughs andapplications.With its extensive problem sets and straightforward writing style,this is an excellent textbook for upper-level undergraduate andgraduate students. Research scientists and engineers working inlightwave technology will use this text as a problem-solvingresource and a reference to additional research papers in thefield.
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