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LARSA 4D version 8.00.8101

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LARSA 4D version 8 00 8101
LARSA 4D version 8.00.8101
Product: LARSA 4D
Version: 8.00.8101
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 148.2 mb

LARSA Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of LARSA 4D version 8.00.8101. This package consists of an analysis engine with the latest capabilities learned from engineering and software research, a user interface for pre- and post-processing, and design tools.

LARSA 4D version 8 00 8101

About LARSA 4D. LARSA 4D is the premier general purpose structural analysis and design software. In use throughout the world, LARSA 4D boasts advanced analytical features, from influence surface based analysis to nonlinear time history analysis, and an all-new user interface. LARSA 4D: 4th Dimension, the most advanced program in the LARSA 4D series, features staged construction analysis and time-dependent material properties

Clients have turned to LARSA for over 25 years for their structural analysis needs. The LARSA structural analysis engine was originally developed to perform nonlinear static analysis of structures with large displacements, such as suspension and cable-stayed bridges. But, LARSA has come a long way since it was first available on the VAX super-mini computers decades ago. Today, LARSA 4D has the only truly 3D analysis engine providing all of the tools segmental bridge and large-scale structures engineers can no longer live without.

About LARSA Inc. LARSA, Inc. develops advanced software for the analysis and design of bridges and structures based on the finite element method. Our flagship product, LARSA 4D BRIDGE Series, is recognized as the premier software for bridge engineers with the innovative tools necessary to support the life of a bridge project from design to construction.

By coupling structural analysis and design with the latest computing technology, LARSA 4D has become the most reliable software of its kind for segmental, cable-stayed, suspension, steel girder and other bridge forms, as well as other structures requiring geometric or material nonlinearity, complex three-dimensional geometry, or advanced staged construction analysis.

LARSA, Inc. is privately owned and based in New York, with all its software development and product supports services conducted in-house.



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