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Elektor Electronics January 2007 with CD-ROM

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Elektor Electronics January 2007 with CD ROM

Elektor Electronics January 2007 with CD-ROM
PDF + iso | english | total: 387 MB
(3 x 99 MB + 1x 50,78 MB + 14,61 MB)

A 300-MHz Spread Spectrum Clock Generator from TI
An el-cheapo LCD Controller
Berlin Clock
Blinking Christmas Decoration
Electromechanical Switching Technology
Explorer-16 (part 1)
FPGA Course (8)
Hexadoku January 2007
Improving RFID Reader Sensitivity
Mailbox January 2007
Milling Machine from a Kit
Modern Car Engine Optimisation in the Electronic Garage
Notebook and Microcontroller Overclocking
Rotating Message Display with LEDs and an AVR Micro
Scooter Engine Tuning
Sputnik Time Machine
Test beeper for your stereo
Time Measurement using Atomic Clocks

The CD-ROM contains MPLAB IDE, MPLAB C30 student edition, Proteus VSM 7.0 and a host of other utilities and documentation pack

Great job! Thank you!

seen this mag in my local phamarcy, always wanted one with the cd thanks.

always wanted this mag with a cdrom thanks

Thank you Huake for sharing, and caring enough to include the CD.


Thank you!

Thank you very much!
Especially for CD.

A very nice post.
Thanks for your efforts Huake.

Thank you! Nice post.

Muchas gracias Hauke , excelente aporte, espero que publiques prontamente estos meses que ya pasaron , y me preguntaba si alguien tiene el CRACK del PROTEUS VSM 7 , por favor pasen la direccion. ok gracias

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    I am very good.

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