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Autodesk Revit 2014 Full Collection Tutorial

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Autodesk Revit 2014 Full Collection Tutorial
Autodesk Revit 2014 Full Collection Tutorial
Autodesk Revit 2014 Full Collection Tutorial |20GB

Revit for building design and construction

Revit® software* is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), empowering design and construction professionals to bring ideas from concept to construction with a coordinated and consistent model-based approach. Revit is a single application that includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering, and construction.

Building element energy analysis
Enhanced structural analytical model
Duct and pipe calculations to API
Energy Analysis for Revit
Structural Analysis for Revit
Bidirectional links, multiple analysis packages
Physical materials for performance analysis
Interference check
Revit Server
Vault integration
Citrix Ready and 64-bit support
Autodesk 360 integration
IFC certification
IFC exporter
Enhanced API
Enhanced Autodesk Exchange
Dockable window framework
Stairs and railings
Air terminal on duct
Angle constraints
Cap open ends
Plumbing template
Rebar placement constraints customization
Reinforcement enhancements
CSV file removal project
Temporary view templates
Point cloud improvements
Parameter variance for groups
Parametric components
Bidirectional associativity
Conceptual design tools
HVAC/electrical design room color-fill plans
Piping and electrical content
System browser
Enhanced MEP systems
Sloped piping
Multiple materials modeling
Non-rectangular crop regions
Split elevations
Alternate dimensions
Improved rebar tagging
Improved positioning of beams and braces
Enhanced schedules
Construction modeling
Material Takeoff
DWG, DWF, DXF, and DGN support
Tag on placement/by category
Panel schedules
Interface to external databases
Structural details
Displaced views
Enhanced visualization
Design visualization

List of some collection on this tutorial

Getting Started

1-Starting Revit (0:58) file
2-Starting Revit for the First Time (4:13) file
3-Opening a Project File (2:46)
4-Identifying the User Interface Components (4:51) file
5-Managing User Interface Components (2:52) file
6-Understanding the Ribbon (6:31) file
7-Customizing the User Interface (4:20) file
8-Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar (2:40) file
9-Understanding the Options Bar (1:49) file
10-Understanding the Application Menu (2:50) file
11-Understanding the InfoCenter Toolbar (3:31) file
12-Using the Revit App Store (3:46) file
13-Understanding the Project Browser (4:54) file
14-Understanding the Properties Palette (3:02) file
15-Understanding the Type Selector (3:25) file
16-Understanding the Status Bar (2:18) file
17-Understanding the Drawing Area (3:02) file
18-Understanding the View Controls (3:49) file
19-Understanding the Navigation Bar (4:43) file
20-Understanding the ViewCube (6:07) file
21-Understanding the Steering Wheels (6:20) file
22-Understanding the Options Dialog (3:47) file
23-Managing File and Template Locations (6:39)
24-Managing the Places List (3:13) file
25-Starting a New Project from Recent Files (3:37)
26-Starting a New Project from the Application Menu (3:18) file
27-Understanding the Units and Snaps (4:36) file
28-Using the Mouse (5:23) file
29-Using the Keyboard (4:59) file
30-Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts (5:09) file
31-Managing Windows (4:19) file
32-Understanding Macros (3:46) file
33-Saving and Closing Files (4:52)
34-Closing the Application (1:50) file

Revit Fundamentals

1-Understanding BIM (5:26) file
2-Understanding the Difference Between BIM and CAD (5:58) file
3-Understanding Revit Concepts (4:01) file
4-Working with the Different Versions of Revit (5:59) file
5-Understanding Bidirectional Associativity (3:52) file
6-Recognizing Parametric Relationships (2:41) file
7-Understanding Families (6:22) file
8-Placing Model Elements (5:04) file
9-Sketching Model Elements (6:54) file
10-Placing View-Specific Elements (5:04) file
11-Working with Datum Elements (4:54) file
12-Placing Elements from the Project Browser (2:59) file
13-Loading Families and Using Type Catalogs (6:52) file
14-Finding Families Using Autodesk Seek (6:25) file
15-Editing Families Within a Project (12:12) file

Basic Modify and Reporting Tools

1-Selecting Objects (9:21) file
2-Modifying Selection Settings (6:26) file
3-Saving Selection Sets (5:27) file
4-Copying and Moving Objects (4:26) file
5-Rotating Objects (4:32) file
6-Creating Linear Arrays (5:00) file
7-Creating Radial Arrays (5:02) file
8-Scaling Objects (3:09) file
9-Mirroring Objects (3:32) file
10-Using the Clipboard for Copy and Paste (9:13) file
11-Splitting Objects (6:42) file
12-Creating Elements Consistently with Match Type Properties and Create Similar (3:42) file
13-Aligning Objects (4:55) file
14-Trimming and Extending Objects (5:53) file
15-Offsetting Objects (4:28) file
16-Pinning Objects in Place (4:09) file
17-Deleting Objects (3:26) file
18-Cutting and Joining Geometry (7:52) file
19-Splitting the Face of an Element (4:04) file
20-Applying Materials as Paint (3:52) file
21-Measuring versus Dimensioning Objects (5:32) file
22-Understanding Element IDs (3:15) file
23-Understanding and Reviewing Warning Messages (3:19) file
24-Reporting and Displaying Coordinates (3:52) file
Modeling Essentials

1-Creating and Modifying Levels (10:03) file
2-Creating and Modifying Grids (9:44) file
3-Creating and Modifying Multi-Segment Grids (4:13) file
4-Controlling Datum Visibility (7:45) file
5-Limiting Visibility of Datum Using Scope Boxes (7:12) file
6-Setting and Showing the Active Work Plane (6:33) file
7-Creating Reference Planes (5:59) file
8-Modeling Accurately with Length and Angle Snap Increments (4:03) file
9-Working with Object Snaps (6:56) file
10-Using Visualization Aids When Working in 3D Views (3:31) file
Core and Shell

1-Understanding Wall Drawing Aids (5:53) file
2-Creating Exterior Building Walls (7:29) file
3-Creating Building Core Walls (7:41) file
4-Creating Doors (6:06) file
5-Creating Windows (7:24) file
6-Modifying Door and Window Properties (4:37) file
7-Creating Curtain Walls (5:25) file
8-Placing Doors in Curtain Walls (3:13) file
9-Creating Curtain Grids and Mullions (7:15) file
10-Creating Floors (5:38) file
11-Modifying Floor Properties (7:56) file
12-Creating Sloped Floors by Sketching (5:43) file
13-Creating Sloped Floors by Shape Editing (6:42) file
14-Creating Floor Openings (5:18) file
15-Creating Shaft Openings (5:24) file
16-Creating a Roof by Footprint (7:29) file
17-Creating a Roof by Extrusion (6:00) file
18-Joining and Unjoining Roofs (3:28) file
19-Understanding Roof Properties (10:34) file
20-Creating Sloped Roofs by Sketching (3:55) file
21-Creating Sloped Roofs by Shape Editing (4:06) file
22-Managing Complex Roof Conditions Using Align Eaves (4:12) file
23-Creating Roof Soffits (7:12) file
24-Creating Fascias (4:30) file
25-Creating Dormer Openings (3:08) file
26-Creating Roof Openings (4:30) file
27-Modifying Roof and Wall Joins and Controlling Roof Visibility (6:24) file
28-Creating Gutters and Downspouts (5:53) file
Walls - An In-Depth Look

1-Understanding Wall System Families and Types (4:44) file
2-Creating Walls by Picking Lines (5:59) file
3-Creating a Wall by Face (2:47) file
4-Understanding Wall Properties (8:46) file
5-Changing the Wall Type as Your Design Evolves (4:38) file
6-Understanding Curtain Wall Types (7:17) file
7-Creating a Curved Curtain Wall (1:53) file
8-Embedding a Curtain Wall in Another Wall (4:30) file
9-Creating Curtain Walls that Turn Corners (2:33) file
10-Working with Curtain Wall Grids (5:13) file
11-Selecting Curtain Wall Components (3:24) file
12-Modifying Curtain Wall Panels (4:58) file
13-Understanding Curtain Wall Corner Conditions (7:12) file
14-Modifying and Customizing Curtain Wall Mullions (5:43) file
15-Creating a Stacked Wall (5:30) file
16-Creating Walls with Modify Tools (8:08) file
17-Modifying Wall Profiles (6:17)
18-Creating Wall Openings (5:30) file
19-Introducing Wall Layer Functions (6:55) file
20-Overriding Host Layer Display (6:14) file
21-Understanding Layer Join Cleanups (4:26) file
22-Understanding Wall Layer Wrapping (7:00) file
23-Understanding Compound Structures (6:22) file
24-Customizing Vertical Wall Structure by Splitting Regions (4:55) file
25-Customizing Vertical Wall Structure by Adding Sweeps (6:21) file
26-Customizing Vertical Wall Structure by Adding Reveals (4:50) file
27-Customizing the Base and Top Extension of Walls (4:41) file
28-Creating Embedded Walls (5:22) file
29-Creating In-Place Wall Sweeps (7:00) file
30-Creating In-Place Reveals (6:29) file
31-Creating Joined Walls for Complex Assemblies (3:39) file

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